“A wonderful new voice on the violin – - – very refreshing!”

-Chick Corea

“Mads has the amazing talent and skills that few young musicians can match. His music is both beautiful and refreshing exhibiting his superb mastery of the modern American Jazz music that is rarely seen among his peers.”

-Jean-Luc Ponty

“Mads Tolling is the most exciting musician I have come across in the past ten years. This recording represents some of the most creative music making out there.”

-Stanley Clarke

“The album is marked with virtuosic moments of sublime, genre-busting string work by Tolling….”

-Dave Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“…Mads Tolling may not be 30 yet, but on “The Playmaker” he exhibits a restraint that would’ve been at home in Corea’s original Return to Forever”

-James Hale, Downbeat Magazine

“With Tolling’s honed technique, vigorous attack and engaging brand of swing…”

-Mike Joyce, Washington Post

“Mads Tolling’s gift on the violin is the duality of exquisite and brutal. Almost every song off this live album shows off that gift to great extent. The sounds coming off his instrument are often ungodly, verging on maniacally mad, yet at once majestic, soaring, heaven sent.”

-Carol Banks Weber, AXS Entertainment

“The Playmaker mixes moods and musical tastes but underwrites it all with a sheer joy in playing.”

-Andy Robson, Jazzwise

“….Tolling and those who surround him give the listener a valuable commodity, and that’s smart, innovative jazz.”

-Tom Henry, Toledo Blade

“Mads Tolling has an impressive Resume…”


“Overall, a wondrously balanced and stylish outing that sustains repeated listens.  Tolling and his bandmates provide the requisite doses of improvisation within a set of hugely appealing and prismatic song-forms.”

-Glenn Estarita, JazzReview.com

“Virtuosity may be a given on “The Playmaker,” but what’s most impressive is the sound of Tolling’s quartet, which drives the majority of the record and, based on the results, must be thrilling live.”

-John Kelman, All About Jazz

“….Mads Tolling gives jazz violin a hopeful and vibrant placement in the collection with his heartfelt playing and musical talent…”

-Analyn Revilla, City of Angels

“Mads Tolling Quartet Fires Up Oakland Venue Yoshi’s with Furious Sound.”……… “Completely engrossed in their complex rhythmic relationships, the four seemed wholly invested in the idea that their performance went deeper than simply entertainment but entered the realm of art-something challenging, for both audience and band.”

-Daily Californian

“While Tolling is skilled at evoking a beautiful melody, he’s equally adept at filling out the sound with powerful double-stops and intricate harmonics…”

-Strings Magazine

“The set concluded with bassist Stanley Clarke’s tribute to Coltrane, “Song to John,” played in a complex but musically gripping arrangement by Tolling.”

-LA Times

“……with Tolling a dominant voice, also reminiscent of Jean-Luc Ponty’s more finessed fusion…..”

-All About Jazz

“The central movement’s sighing strings, atmospheric piano and bluesy clarinet solo suggested a languid stroll down Broadway; in the finale, Tolling’s painterly dabs of sound — pizzicato strings, blaring brass, and well-placed percussion — came together to give the score plenty of swing.”

-Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury

“……The beautiful viola sounds of Mads Tolling…… I can’t remember the last time I heard a viola being played so gorgeously.”

-The West Australian

“Now, as a bandleader, he’ll showcase not just his flying bow and creatively nimble improvisation but also his eclectic arrangements…..”

-SF Bay Guardian

“Turtle Island shines in virtuosic fusion…… violist, Mads Tolling demonstrated a commanding ability to improvise in the swift angular style made famous by jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli.”

-Birmingham News

“……Tolling’s “Danish Desert,” with a snappy New Age kind of swing, was a big hit……”

-Grand Rapids Press

“Mr. Tolling is a virtuoso who doesn’t abandon his listeners. “Speed Of Light”, with sophistication and maturity doesn’t abandon accessibility. This is fascinating, hooky and satisfying music and Mads takes it beyond the academy and back to the ear.”

-Leo Kottke

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