Kickstarter Project Completed – Thank you to all my 38 backers

Written by Mads on January 10, 2014

My Kickstarter project writing for Big Band 19 and myself as a soloist was funded on April 26. The fruits of this project as well as live audio from MTQ at SF Jazz Center playing Stephane Grappelli is now being sent as an MP3 sampling to the backers.

I would like to personally thank Kim Aronson, Philipp Berner, Thomas Eusterbrock, Torsten Kolind, Meera Collier-Mitchell, Victoria Theodore, Danny Givertz, Gray Dougherty, Karl Mosgofian, Matt Beasley, Sonya Lawson, Mariam Diarra, Yoni Rosenbaum, Deroy Murdock, Michael Bloom, Jim Callahan Piedmont Piano, Libby Fritz, Virginia Travers, Mogens Tolling, Rick Shinozaki, Morten Sørensen, Bruce Stone, Alissa Shook, Frize James, John Gladstein, Mette Tolling, Sharan Ikeda, Russ Silvestri, Gael Alcock, Dennis George, Jasper Kamperman, Emily Onderdonk, David James, Gus Kambeitz, Khosrow Vakhshouri, Robin Robinson, David Daniels & Annette Tolling.

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